Teri Ahlm
With a background in marketing and advertising sales, Teri has a very unique approach to business. She is very practical and has a no-nonsense approach to business. When there is a challenge, she quickly gets to the heart of the matter, calls things as she sees them, and starts working on solutions immediately! 

Teri is passionate about working with small to medium business owners - particularly women owned businesses - and works hard to provide them with solutions to any problem that are effective and affordable! 

She has a very entrepreneurial spririt and has worked with hundreds of small business owners to inexpensively and effectively promote their business through social media and more traditional marketing channels.

Teri currently contributes to 2 blogs:

Your Business is My Business

A blog written to provide information and support to busy small to medium sized business owners. From social media to the newest ideas in business, Your Business is My Business is a great resource for anyone!

A Beautiful Little Life: 

A personal lifestyle blog about loving life, sharing yourself with others and making your life beautiful. You'll find home decorating, fashion and beauty tips, travel information, great recipes, health and fitness inspiration, D.I.Y. projects and more!
If you are interested in more information on Your Business is My Business or A Beautiful Little Life blogs, if you would like to advertise or sponsor a blog, or if you'd like to submit product for review, (no obligation) email Teri at teri.ahlm@gmail.com.

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