Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Increase Your ROI Online AND Help Local Charities!

Community Charity Alliance offers Ad Exchange Discount Program to Help Businesses and Charities

The CCA Ad Exchange gives companies access to the Real Time Bidding (RTB) ad platform to lower marketing costs and improve results dramatically. Companies desperately need more reliable on-line marketing solutions as the old ‘off-line’ advertising programs no longer provide the results they once did.

The RTB was established as a consortium of industry giants like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft (Bing), Facebook and others to provide automated access to giant companies (Fortune 500) for lowest-cost on-line advertising. The one shortcoming of the RTB has been huge cost for smaller companies to get access to the low-cost ad platform.

CCA has established the CCA Ad Exchange to bring significant ad discounts to the 20 million smaller companies … and has included  a strong charitable ‘twist’.

The goal is to save companies 30% or more on their on-line advertising while pre-setting a 10% donation to local community charities in the participating company’s name.

If you are a company that advertises on-line now … or are seriously considering setting up an on-line ad campaign, please contact me to find out more about the CCA Ad Exchange!

There are even more compelling reasons to choose an ad campaign using the RTB integrated ad platform offered by the CCA Ad Exchange.

The three major advantages are:

  1. Far better tracking. 
  2. Incredibly improved ad targeting.
  3. A new, revolutionary concept called ‘RETARGETING’.

Targeting is fairly simple to understand and anyone who has done Google Adwords or Facebook advertising, but the ad exchange makes it even easier to focus your ad campaign the way you want.

Retargeting is far more important and powerful.

Once an advertiser successfully gets a potential customer to visit their website, ad stats show that almost 98% of your visitors leave and never come back. This is NOT because a site or the message is poor, it is much more about typical life distractions and the fact that most buyers need a minimum or 6 to 8 ‘touches’ before they buy.

If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you get started with a focused ad campaign that can save you a minimum of 30% and design a powerful retargeting campaign that may increase your ROI (Return On Investment) by 300% or more please email me at teriacca@gmail.com or call me at (763) 377-3592.

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