Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Custom Coins for Your Business

PinMart.com - Lapel Pins, Lanyards, etc

I recently came across a website called PinMart where you can purchase gorgeous custom coins to use to promote your business. Check out that DRAGONFLY!

They have been used for years but they were called "Challenge Coins" and given to show affiliation or membership with a club or military unit. Recently, challenge coins have made their way into the business world as Custom Coins that show a company logo and message. Many organizations use coins as a way to celebrate anniversaries, recognize employees and top clients, or even to use as trade show giveaways!

PinMart does custom coin design free of charge and the coins are stunning. They run about $3 each depending on how many you order and how many colors you want, etc. but WOW! What a way to showcase your business!

Honestly - because these are so gorgeous I offered to promote them for PinMart and I will be paid by them if you order any pins, coins or products from them. I was just so pulled in by that dragonfly coin. AMAZING!

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