Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What Makes a Good Coupon?

What Makes a Good Coupon? When selling ads for ADvantage Tape Advertising, all of the reps get asked that question all of the time. So what makes a coupon work and what turns customers off? 

There are FOUR key elements that produce a highly effective coupon. The key to creating ads that sell is A-I-D-A.

Attention: You have about three seconds to grab their attention with a headline, graphic or photo.
Interest: Focus on specific products/services/problems.
Desire: Entice buyers with a good offer.
Action: Tell prospects to BUY NOW, SAVE NOW, ACT NOW!

To sum it up - Good HEADLINE, good VISUAL, SHOWCASE OFFER, and strong CALL TO ACTION

What type of coupons are a turn off?
  1. Ads that don't offer a discount. Some advertisers choose to promote an event or a service without offering a discount. While these ads are a good way to build awareness about your company and the things that you do, don't expect a boost in your business from the ad unless you give that customer a reason to come in!
  2. Offering a discount that is too small. If the offer is for a free cup of gas station  coffee with a tank fill, odds are that people won't bother with the coupon. A free CAR WASH, on the other hand, might get people to come in!
  3. Being too vague with your offer. Say your offer is $5 off an oil change. How is a potential customer to know if your oil change cost is $49 or $29? 
  4. Too much fine print is a BIG turn off. Make sure that you protect yourself, but if you have to put in too many exclusions perhaps you should consider offering something different.

Here are just a few of my favorite client ads from The Wedge Coop in Minneapolis.

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